F  E  M  M  E    F  I  T  A  L  E 

W O M E N ' S   FIT   C L U B
689 FM 517 W. Suite #200 Dickinson, TX 77539


"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals."
-Henry David Thoreau
At Femme Fitale  Fitness, we have a vision to change the way women feel about fitness. Gone are the days of being intimidated or uncomfortable in a gym setting. We are a fit club that is welcoming, uplifting, and non-judgmental. A place where women come to put in work on their fitness goals alongside other women doing the same. A place for beginners, for seasoned fitness enthusiasts or competitors; for stay at home moms, for working moms, a place for WOMEN!

"The Movement," as we describe it, was thought about by the owner as a way to describe the mission behind the business.

The media has distorted the way we see ourselves and what  the definition of "beautiful" is. At Femme Fitale, we believe that each woman is beautiful in her own unique way. It is our mission to instill or restore self confidence in the women who chose to become a part of our family through fitness. 

Each one of our trainer's lives have been changed through fitness and we are all ready to help other women achieve the same. We pride ourselves in being able to offer fitness of all kinds to our members, so whether you are looking for personal training, group classes, or just a gym to follow your own routine-  judgment free, we have you covered!

Stop by today and check us out, we look forward to meeting you!

  1. Erika Cantu
    Erika Cantu
    Personal Trainer, NASM CPT CES.
  2. Laura Cate
    Laura Cate
    Personal Trainer/Group Instructor, NASM CPT.
  3. Kati Barkmann
    Kati Barkmann
    STRONG by Zumba Certified Instructor, Masters in Occupational Therapy , former D1 soccer player
  4. Sherry Ament
    Sherry Ament
    Certified Barre Instructorr
  5. Kati Bitner
    Kati Bitner
    Group Instructor, BS Kinesiology

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