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Femme Fitale offers several different group classes ranging from Team Training and core classes, to High Intensity classes. 

We even offer Barre and Yoga classes in The Studio at Femme Fitale.

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For a current list of classes and descriptions, see below.​​

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Team Training

Our Team Training classes are the perfect high intensity), full body workout that will focus on the 7 major muscle groups. This class is offered in a variety of styles including body weight, resistance, HIIT training and more, so each class is a bit different! 
(Duration: 45 minutes

Core Conditioning

Core conditioning is an intense core based workout that targets all areas of the midsection. You'll be sure to feel the burn during this 30 minute class! Great for beginners through advanced fitness enthusiasts. 
(Duration: 30 minutes)


Grab your girlfriends and experience one of the industry's hottest new workouts! Barre is a high energy fusion of Pilates, Yoga, and Ballet inspired dance moves. Typical workouts tend to tighten and shorten muscles. This workout is specifically designed to define and lengthen them! It's the perfect way to build strength, balance, and stability. Great for beginners but also perfect for seasoned fitness enthusiasts who are looking to add a lengthening routine to their regimen.
(Duration: 1 hour)
*To book  this class, please call or sign up on the MindBody app (Search Barre and Yoga at Femme Fitale).
Body Burn 

Body Burn is a high intensity interval workout designed to target all major muscle groups. This class will use body weight as well as resistance to challenge the body and build strength and stability. Body Burn is the perfect addition to your routine for cardio purposes. Be prepared to sweat! 
(Duration: 30 minutes)

Booty Blast 

If you are looking for a way to tone up your backside this is the class for you! Booty Blast is a lower body targeted workout that focuses on building, shaping, and strengthening your glutes.
(Duration: 45 minutes)


Yoga is an amazing way to increase your flexibility as well as muscle strength! This class combines stretching and strengthening poses with deep breathing techniques to aid in meditation and relaxation. Other benefits include stress relief, weight reduction, improved circulatory health and improved athletic performance.
(Duration: 1 Hour)

​*To book  this class, please call or sign up on the MindBody app (Search Barre and Yoga at Femme Fitale).

Classic Barre

This class is a perfect fit for any age and any fitness level! Classic Barre is a version of our Barre class suitable for anyone looking for a slower to moderate pace. Classic Barre focuces on improving flexibility as well as toning the muscles in a muscially upbeat setting using pilaties and yoga elements! 
(Duration: 1 Hour)
​​*To book  this class, please call or sign up on the MindBody app (Search Barre and Yoga at Femme Fitale).

Buti Yoga

Are you ready to experiment with a fierce new combination of yoga, strength, and cardio? Are you looking for a practice that's truly a form of SOULFUL + PLAYFUL exercise? Then Buti Yoga is the class for you! Buti yoga is a unique practice, known for it’s cardio-intensive bursts of tribal dance, primal movement, and conditioning. This class is designed to offer a calorie-scorching, body-sculpting, and dynamic yoga practice.
(Duration: 1 Hour)
​​*To book  this class, please call or sign up on the MindBody app (Search Barre and Yoga at Femme Fitale).

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